Most roadway ditches lie within the public right-of-way and where culverts are necessary for access to private property the following are required:


A.                 The property owner must request that either the Administrator or the Street Superintendent, determine if a culvert is required, and that the site be viewed.

B.                 Where a culvert is required, the minimum diameter culvert permitted is fifteen inches (15”).  The fifteen inch (15”) minimum diameter culvert can be made of currugated steel, reinforced concrete, double walled plastic.  A minimum of twelve inches(12”) of cover must be provided over the top of the culvert, when possible.

C.                 The private property owner must furnish the culvert and the Village shall install the culvert at the Village’s expense.

D.                 The culvert ends should be clearly marked to prevent crushing or closing.

E.                  The private property owner assumes the responsibilities of maintaining the culvert to keep it open and free flowing.

F.                  Cleanouts are required to be installed at sixty feet (60’) on center where the private property owner extends the culvert beyond the driveway culvert.

G.                 A roadway slopes from its center to the ditch for drainage.  A driveway culvert must be placed deep enough to allow this slope to continue from the center of the road to the center of the driveway culvert.





                6’0”                                           6’0”                               6’0”                       12’0”                                   R


                                                              Of ditch                      berm                                                                       A


                                                9”                                            6”                            3”                                              W

                                                                                                                                                road surface            A

__________________________________________________________________________     Y

          driveway                                               surface                    1”per foot              ’per foot

                                fill                                            12”

                                                                                                                                                NOT TO SCALE





15” culvert pipe






Based on a 60 foot right-of-way





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